How To Overcome Jealousy

You hear a competitor’s gloating acceptance speech and your heart pounds. A school mate seemed to have it all: perfect hair, teeth, and her hunky boyfriend makes you run mad.

Whatever could be the reason you get jealous: mind you, it’s never a good companion. Jealousy pose negative impact on your relationship with others and also against your health.

Emotions like anger, jealousy, hate and resentment produce a chemical that’s very similar to arsenic – Donna Fremon-Powell , certified Guided Imagery Therapist in La Habra, California. 

Prior to getting to know how to overcome jealousy, below are some of the effects the poisonous emotion can have on different parts of the body:

  • It quickens the heart and spike blood pressure. Which may later lead to hypertension.
  • Stomach effect – Jealousy causes lack of appetite and nausea.

Jealousy activates a fear reaction in the amygdala, it triggers a response that ramps up production of adrenaline and noradrenaline. – Frank John Ninivaggi, a psychiatrist at Yale’s Child Study Center.

Ways to overcome Jealousy:

  • Practice Detachment.

Detachment from the things that inspire such emotion for hatred will make us remain free from the perfect breeding ground for envious thoughts. Things that inspire could be people, places, media e.t.c.

  • Stop Comparing Yourself to Others.

The earlier you accept the fact that there will always be someone smarter, skinnier, richer, cuter, more spiritual and more “fabulous” than you, the better you are free from jealousy. All those you thought are perfect, may be suffering from numerous problems not noticed by you.

  • Be Authentic.

Free yourself and let your own light shine. Being fake is a sure sign you might be suppressing your best self, which can trigger a desire to suppress others’ success, confidence or good fortune.

  • Meditate.

Focus on your spirit to satisfy the yearnings of your soul, the deeper issues that are weighing on your heart. This will enable the eternal part of you that always go for personality, outer success and failures be less drawn to look outside for external things that are not in accordance with your reason for living.

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