Why must we pretend to be happy?

As ignorantly expressed by many, that no amount of pretending can change one’s state of feelings. This is absolutely wrong! If we pretend to be happy while in pain, Are we to loose or gain?

Several researches have proven the continuous mood of unhappiness to show adverse effects on our health. That is, moping around and feeling sorry for one can lead to more of the same. Actually, it takes courage.

Imagine someone that lost a loved one to the cold arm of death or someone in intense depression being compelled to smile. T’will take courage really. But something has to be done to curb unforeseen circumstances.

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  • research has shown that you become what you intend to be.
  • Psychologically, pretending to be happy is just an example of how strong you are.
  • Smiling relieves the muscles of the face and has many benefits.
  • It makes other people miserable. How?

For someone whose pain was as a result of being dumped by a lover. When you summon the courage to be happy in spite of this, only the receiver will explain how hurtful the result is.

Carry out this research today and check back with your observations.

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