Mind or Heart. Which is Which?

Are you also getting confused on this matter? Mind or Heart? Is it truly right to say ‘My heart directed me to do this’ or ‘My mind keeps telling me you are the one for me’? Certainly, i wasn’t the only one being troubled by these conflicting beliefs, until i researched and luckily found an answer worthy of commendation.


The holy books and the wise ones say the mind rules and guides the heart. How true is this? Tzvi Freeman, an author who writes for Chabad a Jewish organisation; painstakingly shed light on this issue which i found so impressive to also make public here.

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Actually, there is one mind and two hearts. There is the outer heart, that part of us that just reacts to the world, forever chasing whatever looks good to it, running from whatever looks bad and barking at whatever looks like it should be attacked.

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