Lobotomy Victims from History

Imagine yourself sitting before a psychiatrist while telling him how hellish your mental disorders have been, from chronic pain, suicidal thoughts, depression, to schizophrenia; and all your psychiatrist could prescribe is the psychosurgery ‘Lobotomy’. The insertion of a 10-inch-long ice pick (long piece of metal) into the brain with the hammer through the eye socket; wiggling it effectively so as to slice portion of the brain.

When this Lobotomy experiment was first introduced, people believed it would help reduce anxiety and also calm patients with other mental illness. Doctors also believed it could help relief suffering.

Lobotomy, a procedure where some parts of the temporal lobes are removed through a surgery was first carried out on a dog in 1890 by Friederich Golz; a surgery which eventually calmed an aggressive dog. Also, in 1940, Dr. Freeman treated several mentally ill people who were schizophrenic via lobotomy, a procedure which is today being regarded as one of the barbaric mistakes of the old.

Rosemary Kennedy

In 1941, Rosemary Kennedy, the sister of John F. Kennedy underwent lobotomy at the age

of  23; her father complained of being too rebellious and moody. Unfortunately, Rosemary’s mind was reduced to that of an infant after a surgery that was widely noted as one of Dr. Freeman’s failure.

Rosemary K

She spent the rest of her life in a very bad situation of inability to speak intelligibly.

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  1. I was Lobotomized in 1962 and I didn’t realize it happened until about 40 years later. It was on the road between New York City and Salt Lake City. My mother and her sister were driving a new VW and stopped at a clinic in Michigan. They put me on a table and made a bloody mess of me with a blade and put a towel over my face to control the bleeding. I remember a very painful surgery and screaming screaming and screaming while being cut open. Dr. Keith Lane says there isn’t a visible scar but, I had a doctor in 2009 that graduated from NYU and asked him if it was probable that this did occur. He (Dr. Harold Valery) said it was common to lobotomize children in NYC during the sixties. In my youth I was a physical wreck, never brushed my teeth or exercised and never could keep up with other kids. Of my using pot in 7th grade and having to see a Psychologist for months Mike Olsen (a parapsychologist) told me, “most people smoke marijuana with no consequence but, to you it is major ordeal”. He advised me not to use it and is an example of the effect of the surgery. In 2001, I lost a truck driving job at CR England and Walter Hood the instructor said It was because I had attention disorder. In 1985, a Provo Doctor, Dr. Christian Hopps had given me Ritalin 3x daily 5 mg. and told me to use it proudly and depend on it for as long as I lived. Dr. Hopps said people would be jealous and try to steal the narcotic and in 1986 a Nurse Kathy Rheimer told me I couldn’t have it. I studied at the College of Health in 2004-2008 and found it shocking that the Psychology Teacher thought Psycho Drugs were pleasant to take. A 3rd District Salt Lake Mental Health Court Judge Bill Bohlin told me to attend the University but, the school didn’t give me my diploma over a technicality. It’s really, really miserable experience to have a Lobotomy and/or to take the drugs they use now to replace that surgery but they clearly ruined my life. Dr. Sarah Helmer in Provo, Utah told me Lobotomy was invented because doctors and hospitals can’t control the noise, silly behavior, violence and vandalism in their institutions due to the patients. She also told me my mother was really a loon.

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