Interesting studies about Tall and Short men


I believe this will help the short ones overcome their ‘short man complex’. Despite what they lack, shorter people tend to easily gain muscle thereby appearing more stockier and imposing. In addition to that, shorter men are often more agile and have better reflexes.


According to a Princeton University’s research, taller people are likely to be more intelligent. The study found that “as early as three… taller children perform significantly better in cognitive tests”.

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Researcher from University of Colorado say the link between height and intelligence was due to breeding. Because, clever people are more likely to choose taller people as partners – and vice versa.

Longer Lives

More studies claim shorter men live longer. How?

A research conducted at University of Cagliari in Italy and led by Prof Michel Poulain and Dr Luisa Salaris showed those below 5ft 4in lived an average two years longer than taller men. The research was carried out on lives of 500 males born between 1866-1915 on the Italian island of Sardinia.

Reasons behind this included lower DNA damage, greater cell replacement potential and greater efficiency of heart-pumping. And this is applicable to women the ape family at large.

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