How your IQ can block your EQ Brain Development.

In computer science there is a saying, “Garbage In, Garbage Out,” or GIGO.  Having a high IQ is not the answer for happiness, success, achievement, joy or accomplishment.  Your IQ is a measurement of how quickly you can learn, retain and utilize information.  IQ is a cognitive function of the left side of your brain.  See the example GIGO below:

 “Professionally, I know a lot and have an economically successful company. My IQ is far above average. I am creative, sensitive, compassionate. . . . .I feel pain when I see/feel other people suffer economically and emotionally. Sometimes I wish that I was ignorant about the pain in the world. I’m not desperate so I won’t give up on what I call a world that works for everyone.’  However, I do need a prescription for an anti-depressant.”

Problems can develop on the left side of the brain.  There are different types of GIGO, garbage, which can infect your left brain.  False information or false beliefs is one category that can have disastrous results.  Here are some examples of information/beliefs that have been held as true at one time or another:

  • The world should work for everyone both economically and emotionally.
  • Everyone should be happy all the time.
  • The atom is the smallest particle and cannot be split.
  • Big boys don’t cry.
  • Nice girls don’t get angry.
  • If you feel guilty, you must have done something wrong.
  • Emotional pain is terminal and should be avoided at all costs.

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  • Anger is bad. You should never allow yourself to become angry.
  • The opposite of love is hate or anger. (The opposite of love is indifference.)

If you believe any of these, you may want to seriously reconsider your beliefs/information.  Take the first belief: The world should work for everyone.  

If an individual believes that no one should ever suffer economically or emotionally, then the result is that you will feel pain when you see/feel other people suffering economically and/or emotionally.  If this is your belief, then be prepared to live your life in pain.  From all the evidence and research that I have seen, EQthis belief fits into, “If wishes were horses, the beggars would ride.” This is a nice thought.  I have also dreamed of a world where no one suffered.  However, hanging onto false and/or unrealistic beliefs has the potential of creating more suffering and the need for anti-depressants.  When there is false information and facts in the cognitive side of your brain, it will act as a block to increasing your EQ.

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