How to Live The Empowered Life: EQ for Women

The empowered woman is the woman who chooses a life purpose that guarantees her success.  She will chooses carefully because the purpose that she chooses will determine the outcome of her enterprises.

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What is your purpose for your life?  Everyone has a purpose for their life. However, many people are unconscious of the purpose that they have chosen for themselves. Looking at your behavior will give you a good indication of what you believe your purpose to be.  Your purpose can range from: Become a billionaire; Serve the homeless; Be the peacekeeper for your family; Nurture your children, etc.

However, when women are asked directly, “What is your purpose as a woman,” many women will respond with, “To nurture my children and my mate.” Girls are often programmed from birth that this is the purpose they are to serve as an adult. Programming starts with the kind of toys we give little girls. She gets baby dolls, tea sets, toys stoves, ovens, Ken and Barbie, etc.

Choosing this purpose for your life has many drawbacks and problems in the long run. If your purpose is to nurture your children, what happens when they leave home? If your purpose is to nurture your mate, what happens when he leaves or dies? Look at your behavior and be honest with yourself. What is your purpose for your life? A man over 50 years old and who has been married for at least 20 years, if his wife dies, insurance tables reduce his life expectancy to two years.

In Viktor Frankl’s book, Man’s Search for Meaning, he points out the importance of having a purpose/meaning in one’s life.  From his experience as an Auschwitz concentration camp inmate, he learned that without any purpose, you will probably die. What is your purpose?

Having a healthy purpose for your life increases your Emotional Intelligence, EQ, and your sense of wellbeing and joy. Having an unhealthy purpose for your life increases your levels of stress, tension, anger, and frustration.  If you have any of these feelings on a regular basis, you might want to check your purpose in life.

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A not so healthy purpose for your life might be, “Nurturing my children and my mate.” This purpose has become a common thread in many failed relationships. With this purpose implanted in their minds, many young women today start out by looking for someone with good DNA who would make a great father and produce great children. This search for the right person starts by looking outside of themselves, instead of first looking at or inside themselves.  I often hear young women talking about a man as “a real hunk” or “a good looking stud.”   He is often well built and athletic. Some women who want their children to be intelligent will look for a college graduate to supply the right DNA.

There’s a story about the beautiful Hollywood starlet who wrote to Einstein and proposed, “We should have children together, for with my beauty and your brains, they would be the most beautiful and smartest children in the world.”  Einstein wrote back, “My dear young lady, but what if they had your brains and my looks!”

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