How to clear your past life Karma

another person’s eyes. This makes your peripheral vision shifts, simultaneously changing the face around the eyes you’re gazing at, and becoming older or younger.

Now, you may see past lives, and emotion erupts as you remembers some occurrence. Just keep gazing steadily and using abdominal breathing.

When the rising emotions inside you reach the unbearable point, they will break and subside by all themselves. As Another emotional wave arise.

Device new intentions and better actions

This goes with forgiveness, the best way to have thorough and productive karmic cleaning is with readiness to let go off the past with purity of intention. And as well as altering your karma by devising new way of life i.e. you change your actions, since what’s happening at the moment is a result of the previous doings.

Believe it! Karma exists. Because what goes around comes around.

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