How to clear your past life Karma

Whatever comes your way is your karma, and is your personal experience of retribution which emanates from your own doings. For instance, you could be bearing some forms of regrets in you for doing certain things in the past. As well as, constantly meeting frustration when you are very close to breakthrough.

Traditionally, Karma refers to the nature’s way of teaching you the lesson you need to learn, over and over again until you adapt. The more karma you have, the more burdened you feel, that could even make you depressed. These aches and pains exist in relationships, business etc.

There will always be karma to be taken care of, either good or bad. But as for the bad ones, you can lighten up yourself by unloading all those trash of the past life and feel fit to face the new world ahead. Some of the best ways to clear the karma associated with the past lives are discussed below.

Past Life Regression

This session is carried out with some form of guided meditation to put you into a very deep, relaxed state. When that is achieved, you are then guided to help re-experience and heal your past lives.


According to Dolores Cannon, a past life regression hypnotherapist; the best way to release karma is through forgiveness.

This works in relationships, especially from an abusive relationship of which you might be the abuser. You indeed acquired huge loans, because karma will keep on hunting. You can blow off the trash with the help of forgiveness.

Gregg Prescott, M.S, a promoter of metaphysical and spiritual conferences wrote on the Universal Law of Wisdom that,  it’s ideal to release the other person from the wheel of karma by forgiving them with unconditional love i.e. you experience these mistakes from the other person’s perspective, thereby making a soul contract with that person to resolve the issues.


This is interesting. Richard Crown wrote on howtomeditatenheal that you can clear your past life by siting and gazing at your own eyes in a mirror or secondly,

another person’s eyes. This makes your peripheral vision shifts, simultaneously changing the face around the eyes you’re gazing at, and becoming older or younger.

Now, you may see past lives, and emotion erupts as you remembers some occurrence. Just keep gazing steadily and using abdominal breathing.

When the rising emotions inside you reach the unbearable point, they will break and subside by all themselves. As Another emotional wave arise.

Device new intentions and better actions

This goes with forgiveness, the best way to have thorough and productive karmic cleaning is with readiness to let go off the past with purity of intention. And as well as altering your karma by devising new way of life i.e. you change your actions, since what’s happening at the moment is a result of the previous doings.

Believe it! Karma exists. Because what goes around comes around.

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