Hidden Intellectualism: 7 Signs You Are Smarter Than You Think

Hidden Intellectualism

Hidden intellectualism refers to the lack of dominant traits that exhibit intelligence; however, the traits are shown in unexpected and subtle ways, unavoidably.

In other words, hidden intellectualism refers to a form of intelligence that goes unnoticed, i.e. one with hidden intelligence has his intellectualism lurks in entirely different interest that people or the bearers as well, never noticed.

You Improve Constantly.

Hidden intellectualism makes one to press on for self-improvement. Hidden intellectuals are never okay with what they have achieved previously. They believe there is something better, and they can always get to that point.

In the quest to become better, they improve brain capability and show a high level of intelligence.

You Prefer The Company of Other Intelligent People.

There is a famous saying “show me your friends, and I’ll tell you who you are.” If the people who you stay around are people who inspire your thoughts, or you like reading books of great people. The truth is that you are not far from such personality.

One With Hidden Inetellectualism Easily Gets Distracted.

Scientists have proven that intelligent people are easily distracted even by the slightest thing that happens around them. Maybe when you want to read, you pick up a label, and from it, you move to Facebook, and so on.

If you find yourself experiencing this, it is a sign you are a hidden intelligent person.

You Realize How Much You Are Yet To Know.

Hidden intellectuals are not afraid of confessing that they do not know about a particular thing.

One doubts his cognitive abilities when he becomes smarter. This triggers the interest to go into researches and ask questions.

You Are Good At Self-Control.

Intelligent people are very good at taking control of their emotions, and they do not dive into taking actions. They take time to consider the good and dark part of the step they want to take no matter the pressure around them.

Talk To Yourself.

We often feel it is wrong for people talk to themselves. We generally believe it is only psychopaths or people who are not mentally sound that speak to themselves. This claim is not valid.

People who talk to themselves quickly sort out issues and sieve out negative thoughts from their minds. No doubts this helps hidden intellectuals to stay focused.

Hidden Intellectualism makes You Welcome Challenges.

If you find out you embrace new challenges and you are willing to take on new tasks, then, you might be an “incognito intelligent.”

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The problems stretch you and expand your capacity.

3 thoughts on “Hidden Intellectualism: 7 Signs You Are Smarter Than You Think”

  1. LOL..thank you for validating what I thought were ‘quirks’…like talking to myself which i have done literally forever.

  2. I found this artical very enlightening just because it all matches me and describes what I thought was me being a nut bar turns out i am not a nut after all trying to tell others may be pointless at this point.

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