Empathetic Person: 8 Signs You Are Above Average

Empathetic Person

Empathy signs project the feeling of understanding one has towards the emotions of others. Being an empathetic person involves placing oneself in the position of others, so one could easily understand what others are feeling. This involves meeting needs, giving attention, showing concern, care and love.

An empathetic person is one who shows interest to someone or something; she has soft-hearted soul, loving, understanding, emotional and caring.
She wants to be there for others; most times, she puts the feelings of others ahead of hers, and do these voluntarily without coercion.

The sentiments of empaths go way beyond humans’; they also empathize with animals and things.

Below are signs that show you are an over the average empathetic person.

You Fear Rejection.

Being an understanding person, you know what it is to be hurt and rejected, so you fear this yourself. Since you are people-oriented, being rejected is like the worse thing that can ever happen to you, and you do everything possible to avoid this.

This is why you go great lengths and always be there for people, because you want them to feel your presence, need and importance.

It hurts you deeply when people reject you or rejects your gesture of kindness, even as much as you have been hurt, and instead of salvaging your self-pride, you may consider this a consequence of incompetence on your part, whilst begin finding ways to make up with such persons, so you can be “accepted.”

Contending With Inner Demons.

After all the stress, negative energies you absorb, self-neglect and the energy spent on building others; you find out that you have tough emotions to contend with.

While you are alone, you can be moody, sad, miserable, and sometimes frustrated. Though you trivialise these emotions, you always feel them.
You notice that they are more intense with the passing of years. They drain you and make you weary though you hardly show it.

Empathetic Person Abhors Violence.

As an over the average empathetic person: bad situations, tragedy, and violence always get you down. Whenever you hear about fights, injustice, war on TV and newspapers; you are significantly troubled.

More also, watching movies that display bloodshed, fights, war, hunger or pain, is unbearable for you.

These trigger deep emotions to the extent of shedding tears, shaking, or refusal to eat. You may even start experiencing nightmares and become sick.

It usually takes a while for you to be at peace again, but only when you find something that takes your mind off violence. But, any time you recall, it triggers negative reactions. Being that you abhor violence, you also stand against it. You are known for defending the helpless and fighting against injustice.

You Always Seek To Understand People’s Point Of View.

Being Empathetic is fundamentally about understanding and connecting with others.

As an empath, your life’s major goal is always to put yourself in the position of others, and understand what others are passing through. You want to know where people are coming from, and why they act in a particular way so that you can relate with them better.

Your steps are measured, your actions carefully thought out, you weigh the pros and cons, ensuring that however you act or whatever you say will cover all concerned. Despite the background, tribe, occupation, race, colour, you don’t discriminate. Instead, you accept people based on their uniqueness and individuality, and you choose to act with them as such undermining your own needs.

You Want To Fix People.

When you find flaws in people, you do not only want them to change but takes up the task of getting rid of the flays. Whether people call for your help or not, being empathetic will always make you be there for them; you want the best for others, but you go overboard most times, feeling you know the best way to help people out of their situations.

You always see the lapses in people and do not hesitate to tell them, and you as well ever think you know the best way to correct these lapses.

It Is Always Others Not You.

You are always people conscious, and people-oriented: others always come first even before you.

Your life is simply about others. 

Being an empathetic person often place on you, the feeling of doing evil for using nice stuff, because, you feel you do not deserve them, or you may feel somebody else require them more than you.

Over Average Empathetic person is susceptible to Addictions.

Alcohol, sex, drugs are some ways you use as a form of self-protection against the pains you face and brunt you take from serving others.
Gradually you get addicted to them because they help you mask your pains and give you temporary relief, allowing you to take on more workload.

You Are Taken For Granted.

Having known over time that every sacrifice made for people means a lot to you; people take advantage of you, so, they drain you and no longer value you.

In this case, what makes you an over the average empathetic person, is when you hardly dare to leave them, even when you barely benefit from them. You always see countless reasons why you shouldn’t stay away.
People always see you as disposable, they barge in and out of your life whenever they want, and you can’t stop being there for them.

Every over an average empathetic person, usually wear themselves out: thanks to stress, an overload of responsibility, and lack of self-care. As much as you love to care about others, you should start taking priority in yourself.
Finding true love in yourself, and developing self-worth is a necessity; without this, life will hold no true meaning.

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