Depression Not just a Mental Disorder, Study says.

Records show that people experiencing depression often suffer from cancer, and cardiovascular disease; okay to prove to everyone that depression is not just a mental illness, but affects the whole body i.e. the body’s ability to detoxify itself.

A new study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry talks about the urgent need to declassify depression as only a mental disorder, but as a disease of the body; this will further enable the easy combating of the disorder and those linked to it.

From analysis gathered from 29 previous studies; reports show how depression affected 3,961 people in different ways.

Researchers traced depression to oxidative stress in the body: an imbalance which affects the body’s ability to get rid of toxic substances; of which its normal treatment forces the body to recover rapidly.

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While a comprehensive treatment makes the body of the formerly depressed ones completely indistinguishable from healthy people.

2 thoughts on “Depression Not just a Mental Disorder, Study says.”

  1. My father was having nasal cancer and doctor has said not to take any tension. But When I father came to know about the news he was having full tension of his life and for us. He passed away after some months. Doctor said that he might have died because of tension.
    So I agree with your first stanza as yu have mentioned tension make our whole body unwell and gives invitation to illness.
    I liked your article thanks to you as you have shared your experience with depression and tension.

    1. Thanks for dropping your comment; it’s certain that tension opens way for other illness. Thanks once more, and continue reading other interesting articles on my blog.

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