Depression Explained In Simple Comics

It’s pretty difficult for someone with depression to explain what the illness feels like to someone without it. But, explanations of some serious topics are said to be better conveyed when passed with humor. A pretty description of depression is shown in the comics provided by Optipess (devised from “optimism” and “pessimism”), a webcomic site created by Kristian Nygård, a Norwegian artist.

While explaining to Bustle over the email, one of the themes in the comics, titled “Charcoal being,’ Nygård said:

Depression Comic 1

I think the ‘charcoal’ beings and the person suits came to me when I was feeling especially disillusioned and dissatisfied about myself, and how we all might just be collectively faking it to get by. I then found it really comforting and amusing to think we’re all going through the same thing.

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