3 Body Language Mistakes People Make During Meeting

Whether it is a meeting with a potential business associate, friend, client, stranger or an employer; your body language will forever leave a lasting impression on whoever you are meeting for the first time.

To avoid having a fruitless meeting, or planting a bad impression of you in those you are talking to; there exist some poor body language that you should strictly desist from making. Making a good impression through body languages will undoubtedly get you the most out of your meeting, because they go a lengthy way in letting others know who you are. This article describes some body language mistakes people make during meeting, and why you should desist from them.

Too much eye contact

Only if you ever wanted to instill fear in your potential friends; starring at them for the whole duration of the meeting would make them loose their normal self, and feel unsafe.

Tapping of fingers

Tapping or drumming the fingers on table indicates frustration or loss of interest.  This non-verbal noise sends an interrupt signal and tension to the other person; an audible signal is sent to the speaker that the drummer is no longer interested in the meeting.

No eye contact

Eye contact is a powerful medium of communication, as it shows interest, and dominance. But, less eye contact is said to be okay when talking, because it assures the other person that you have interest in what is being discussed.


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