Awesome Body Languages you need to know

Body Languages are the non-verbal cues meant for communicating. It is very paramount you have a good knowledge of the human body languages so as to understand better what people convey as well as securing helpful hints towards your own communication.

Several messages can be conveyed aside the use of verbal cues: ranging from the blink of eye to other core body expressions. Research indicated that, body languages (non-verbal) accounts for 55% of all communications. That is why the understanding of the various body languages becomes essentials.

The following explanations are to help you master signals that can help you understand people around you:

Standing Akimbo

This could be an indication that the person is in control, and at times taken as sign of aggressiveness.

Crossed Arms and Legs

An indication that the person feel closed-off, boredom.crossing leg

Working with arms in the pocket

A sign of dejection.

Lib Biting

This happens when one is feeling anxious or stressed-out.

Fondling Hair

An indication that the person lacks self-confidence.

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