How to Spark A Love Affair With Your Life Archetype

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Sparking a love affair is already a tricky thing in itself. When attempting to meet someone and hoping that it will blossom like a wildflower, the odds aren’t that great. At one point, both of you may fall in love but never genuinely choose to love the other.  – Archetypes list

For instance, when you’re at a friend’s party, you may meet someone who seems to be attractive at almost all points. Typically, you will see their best foot forward with their hair correctly done, and their style that suits your preference the most. And so, if that level of attraction meets, you begin thinking and fantasizing about an impending love affair or relationship between the two of you.  

But as you converse, things can get even more complicated. After all, appearances can only allure so much, especially when you’re a sapiosexual person. By identifying critical elements in the conversation, you will be drawn in more in-depth into this beautiful swirl of excitement and uncertainty, prompting a possible match as your hearts beat as one.  

However, the big question is – how do you actually arrive at this stage? 

While you may put in the work and add fluff to who you are, such an approach is never sustainable. Just like wearing a lovely red dress can allure men, taking it off when you converse can quickly turn them down. And so, we ask: what is the basic principle to spark the love affair then?  

In general, human beings are attracted to completeness. When one is perceived to be breathtaking, that is primarily because they appear to be someone who is complete. As you unmask those layers and see some sense of individual strength, all the more likely, it is for you to be allured to this person.

With that, what can you possibly do in order to ensure that the next time you attend your friend’s house party, you’ll actually get a chance of sparking a love affair with someone?  

There can be many ways to do this. But in this article, we’ll be pointing out one of the fundamental ways to actually ensure that you’ll have a good ground in sparking a love affair. As such, the answer is none other than you life archetype! – archetypes list

But one may ask = what does marchetypes listy life archetype have to do with my love affair? A lot, of course! Because your life archetype is the ultimate basis of understanding yourself, examining its nature can lead you to gain a better grasp of how you should be and who you are potentially looking for. 

Thus, in this list, we’ll be pointing out the possible things that you can do with your archetype in order to get the ball rolling!

But before proceeding, remember that this list will point out on how you can capitalize your archetypal strength to land that love affair. As we give some suggestions for you, do not limit yourself to such but try to comprehend the overall point so that you can use it to your advantage. 


As such, your strength lies in your ability to make the other feel loved and cared for. By being yourself, you already have that aura of home, prompting the right emotional signals in them to open themselves to you. 


You have the ability to turn imagination into reality. In attempting to enter relationships, show that you can make things happen in the most perfect way possible! This will allure the other, hinting on the right side of your archetype.


Perhaps the most difficult because you are a free soul. People might think twice of opening themselves to you. However, this is also your most significant strength!

Because you are that exciting and adventurous individual, the right person will envision exploring the world with you.


Your courage and bravery will attract others. Like a lion, you are crowned with pride and elegance as your battle scars will definitely add some plus points on the table. 


Remember Anastasia Steele? Do I really need to say more? Heck, the righteous is perhaps one of the most alluring of archetypes! By emanating that mysterious yet idealistic aura, you’ll have a lover in no-time!


Ah, that funny guy/gal! Your jokes will be your strong point as people will be drawn to your attention. But with the right one, they will see through this silhouette and realize that you possess a beautiful mind.  


Perhaps the strongest candidate to land a love affair, you excel at loving yourself. With that, you can quickly get the attention of others as you live out your most basic principles as a lover archetype.


Have you ever been impressed by street magic? Guess what? Magician archetypes can actually do more! Their transformative powers can not only change their lives but of others as well. 


As a member, you are keen on commitment and trust. Your honesty is something that they might take advantage of but is also your best asset when it comes to the right one. 


Rebelling is your forte. Thus, drawing in someone who wants to break the chains of normality and conformity won’t even break your sweat. 


You are a dominant archetype with a desire to capitalize on power. Like an alpha, you will also attract an alpha who can walk side-by-side with you. 


You might be misunderstood and easily be secluded as someone in an ivory tower, but with the right perspective, you can use your knowledge to draw them in.

With these basic notes on each archetype, all that’s left for you to do is identify your life archetype. By doing so, you can actually plot your next step as you inch further in your journey towards love. 

This article is based on the materials provided by Chris, a spirituality and meditation enthusiast at Individualogist, who is also a firm believer of using self-discovery as a tool for uncovering one’s purpose and direction.

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