Addiction & Recovery Rollercoaster

Dealing with addiction can be very challenging, but success stories have shown that recovery is a reality for addicts. The period of recovery is sometimes referred to as rollercoaster ride, because of the presence of great highs and lows.

During this great time of change, your emotion can be a bit tumultuous, especially if you are new to addiction recovery. Every recovering person will experience restlessness, frustrations and many other recovery symptoms which can impact one’s mental state and feelings, but the good news is that recovery rollercoaster will eventually get you through to a better state.

The proven patterns of behavior (Jellinek Curve) exhibited by people suffering from addiction (drug & alcohol)cover the progressive, crucial, chronic, rehabilitation and recovery phases:

Progressive Phase

Occasional relief drinking.

Constant Relief Drinking commences.

Increase in Alcohol tolerance and dependence.

Surreptitious drinking and feeling of guilt.

Crucial Phase

Memory blackout and Inability to discuss problem or stop.

Grandiose and aggressive behavior commence.

Persistent remorse and trying of geographical escapes.

Resolutions fail.

Avoiding families and loosing other interests.

Money troubles and loss of will power.

Tremors and early morning use.

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  1. You hit the nail on the head. We deal with the same problem a few years ago, my brother got addicted to drugs and dealing against it was physically, emotionally and financially stressful. But all is good now. We stayed by his side to all the battles he go through.

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