8 Photos Show How People Treat Mental Illness Vs Physical Illness

What if Physical Diseases Were Treated Like Mental Illness? Would there have been any improvement on physical Illness so far? Mental illness is affecting millions of people, and as well recorded as a leading cause of disability around the globe.

Several factors have contributed immensely to the ever increasing rate of mental illnesses. Above all, is the high rate of stigmas attached to it. And, this has undoubtedly been affecting the lives of various mental illness sufferers.

The stigmas are as a result of numerous misconceptions about Mental Illness as well as less awareness created so far. Towards finding a solution to this issue, following images were made by Haejin Park, BuzzFeed Web Artist.

I hope you painstakingly study the definitions from the images.

Physical Illness
Phy 1

Mental Illness

Mental 1

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