6 Ways to Develop True Confidence

Some people seem to be naturally confident, and it has been working for them; as they use it as tool to manage fears, do more of things that really matter in their everyday life. Reverse is the case with those having little or no self-confidence; as they tend to be completely and easily overwhelmed by any challenge life throws at them.

Life is exceedingly bad for the weak, but those with confidence are usually poised for success even though they fail at something that they thought they’d succeed at i.e. confidence works wonderfully in supplying courage to try something outside your direct experience.

Tony Robbins, the legendary self-help guru once said to develop confidence, we must be able to master our emotion because confidence itself is an emotion. According to him, three things which he tagged ‘The Triad’ are involved:

Language: What you are saying to yourself.

Physiology: How you hold your body.

Focus: What you are thinking about, because confidence comes from the inside. You just have to admit that you worth something.

From Tony’s postulation, we can logically conclude that real confidence can no longer be wholeheartedly considered as God-gifted; self-confidence you need is always with you. You alone can develop it, by proving to yourself that you are independent enough to face the world.

Below are some of the best practical lifestyle tips shared by other popular motivational speakers and writers to help develop real confidence:

Discover your edge of growth.

Listen to your doubts, and be ready to make quick decisions once you heard them. Matthew Jones, licensed author and psychologist said an important aspect in developing real confidence is honing in on your strengths and weaknesses. Not only in your career , but also in your private life.

The reason therapy or other self-work is important, is because you always have room to grow, added Matthew. There is always the need for improvement, because, pushing oneself towards a place of discomfort will always help in bringing down the barriers to one’s success.

Surround Yourself with Inspiring People.

Negative people shouldn’t be allowed to stay in your life. Seek and be surrounded by positive people all the time, because they will undoubtedly encourage and support you.

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Remain Happy.

Adopt the habit of enjoying every single moment; either light or darkness, just admire them.

Fake it till you make it.

Matthew suggest will speak aloud when at home as will seek for our comfort zone in front of others. Even if it’s too hard, faking it will aid us through the process of breaking out of old habits, and lands us in a new pattern of life we dream about.

Celebrate Your Wins.

Yes, you’ve earned it! But, you have to celebrate it, as this register in your brain that you are as well worthful.

In whatever you do, and every time something good happens to you; take time to celebrate. Phil Drolet, author at FeelGoodLifestyle advised will turn it to ritual:

Every Sunday, when I do my weekly planning, I take 10 minutes to review the things I accomplished in the last week that I’m proud of.

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Work on your body image.

Your body image does affect your confidence, get shaped to whatever that suit you most; because if you have a bad relationship with your body you won’t be feeling confident.

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