6 Things You Didn’t Know About Karma

There is no Instant Karma.

Most of the events of this life originated from actions we created in previous lives.

“If the things you wish for do not come, it is due to karma created long ago; therefore, keep a happy and relaxed mind,” says Atisha, a great Kadampa master.

Enlightenment comes through Wisdom realizing Karma.

The supreme inner peace of enlightenment is the karmatic result of a long chain of actions and effects. If we understand which actions lead to the karmatic result of enlightenment, we can start creating those causes and joyfully travel towards our Buddha nature!


We can only understand Karma but can’t Overcome our Bad Habits.

Some bad habits that paved way for the negative karma we are currently facing are pattern of mind that can’t just be easily get rid off. We can only practice purification but not subjecting ourselves to depression every time those habits arise.

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7 Images That Made Me Remember Karma

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It pays to believe in Karma.

You already believe in Karma if you accept that negative actions cause suffering, and that positive ones lead to happiness.

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