7 Terrific Halloween Makeup Transformations That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Everyone has a personality and defense mechanisms. These defense mechanisms protect the ego from overwhelming anxiety – Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis

It’s yet another time to confront the spookiness to see that there really isn’t a monster in your closet. Halloween is a yearly celebration that takes place on 31st October.

Halloween isn’t demonic, it’s just a night set aside to confront your fears with some magics that help build your boldness and strengthen you i.e. those imaginary things come physical and shown to you in a bid to instill fear in you.

Fear is a very personal thing, and Halloween costumes to many, have many explanations. But for me, those that give the willies are all i ever wanted, as they alter the way i see my fears.

Check below for perfect jobs done by some makeup artists for the sake of Halloween. Indeed, these talented people are on a course to make us squirm in terror.

Halloween Makeup 1


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