6 Reasons Why The Middle Child Is The Best Child

After going through several studies, I’ve come to terms that I’ve been understanding the middle child from a wrong perspective. As initially absorbed by me, several misconceptions aligned them as a set of people who just can’t seem to fit in i.e. the middle child is the forgotten child. But recent studies listed in this article explain how being stuck in the middle is actually a blessing. Be prepared to reshape your thinking!

Earlier theory claims that the middle child is always ignored for the mature firstborn and the cute lastborn. But contrary to popular misconceptions, being the middle child can actually get you some uncommon qualities that are rare among the first and the last ones.

Likely to take Risk and be Creative.

It’s obvious that parents always pay attention to their firstborn and the younger children. Also a survey of 1,000 parents and 1,000 middle children confirmed this, as 1/3 parents admitted that their middle children are always forgotten. But, this developments make situation more better for the middle child as studies show that you are more likely to have upper hand than your older and younger siblings.

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Thinking of God Makes People Bigger Risk-Takers

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In this case, the middle child receives less attention from parents, especially, those that mount heavy surveillance; which forces them to be intellectually independent, self-motivated and ambitious. Thus, making them to spend much time alone as they try new things. e.g. John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln.

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The Glue of the Whole Family.

Middle child is always the coordinator of every family party i.e. it’s traditionally assumed that eyes are always set on the middles to coordinate every party set up by the family as better illustrated in the gif below.

Middle Child

Having the best of both Worlds: They Learn and Practice.

The middle child reaps the benefits of both older and younger siblings.

“I loved hanging around [my older sister’s] friends and trying to act more grown up like her. On the other end of the spectrum, even though my brother is only a year or so younger than me, he asks me for advice sometimes, which makes me feel good that he wants my opinion and respects it,” Kelsey (a 23-year-old) told Mic.

Middle children have the opportunity to serve as both mentors to their younger ones and mentees to their older ones i.e the middle child looks up to

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