6 Passive Aggressive Signs You May Ever See at Stores

Being passive aggressive doesn’t really mean you are a bad person; according to psychotherapist Tina Gilbertson, LPC, author of Constructive WallowingHow to Beat Bad Feelings.

“a strategy we use when we think we don’t deserve to speak our minds or we’re afraid to be honest and open.”

Passive aggressive people in disguise, make use of indirect aggression toward others i.e. they want their ways, but also want everyone to still like them.

You might have sighted some passive aggressive people either from their behaviors or the utterances they make from time to time; there exist other things that indicate a particular person is being passive aggressive other than the words of mouths or actions.

Below are some of the hilarious, but passive aggressive signs ever shown to customers and employees. A collection of various hilarious notes from supermarket which indicate the passive aggressiveness of the owners.

Passive aggressive 1

Do not Fart.

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