6 Lies Men Tell Women

Earlier today, I published an article on how to tell if your girlfriend is lying, the article has scientifically proven clues with which you could detect a friend[girl] who lies. And in order not to be bias, the short article on lies Men tell Women will as well let one know frequent sayings by men, that are considered to be lies.

  • ‘It’s cold in here, let’s get under the covers.‘” —Pam S.
  • “‘You don’t have to return the favor…‘” —Drew B.
  • Come have just one glass. I won’t make you go late. – He knew your weak point, and that immediately fall you into a system you can’t just resist.
  • “Baby, you haven’t heard from me because I’m dealing with some stuff.”

Some lying womanizers and cheaters do have “conscience.” Let’s say a lying womanizer meets you and gives you the misleading impression that he only wants to spend time with you — even though there are three or four other women he has on the side. One day, he might start feeling like, “Wow, I am really playing with this woman’s emotions. I need to quit leading this woman on.” However, he just can’t bring himself to “come clean” with you. So what does he do? He makes himself unavailable and aloof. He’s hoping he can just slowly “fade out” of your life without having to explain anything – excerpt from Yourtango

  • I hate strip clubs.
  • I have no idea why my ex is texting me. – earlier published by marieclaire. It’s because they’re still in semi-regular touch. In fact, she might just be replying to his text from earlier.

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