5 Ways to Increase Your Intelligence

A brain left unused or undeveloped will either remain same or depreciate.

Recent studies show the brain is plastic i.e. it can develop throughout life, no limit. Just like a muscle, your brain needs exercise to effectively become more skilled thinker.

So, the following points will help shape your intelligence and increase the productivity of your brain.

Devote time to Sleep and Rest.

You need not to be told the great effects working all day and night pose on our mental performance. The brain needs to recharge, and this can only be done when you are less active i.e. while resting or sleeping. Studies have shown that the brain actively processes and stores your day memories while you sleep. So, proper sleep is advisable.

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Exercise aids clearing your worries and create wave of energy to increase productivity afterwards.

Be Social.

By taking part in cooperative games, group discussion and project; you undoubtedly be rewarded with increased mental acuity.

Good Nutrition.

Just as other vital organs of the body, the brain needs food enriched with required nutrients to help boost the chemical that enhances the speed of thinking.

Improve your Emotional intelligence.

This can be achieved by doing independent projects, reading illuminating books and writing. A case study is that of America leader ‘Abraham Lincoln’.

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