5 Ways to Mend a Broken Heart

When we suffer an intense heart-brake, our hearts feel like they have been shattered into a million pieces. Nevertheless, one can’t just decide to stop loving and living.

When those you love deeply reject you, leave you, or die, your heart will be broken. But that should not hold you back from loving deeply. The pain that comes from deep love makes your love ever more fruitful,  writes Henri Nouwen, a popular Author.

According to Jean Cirillo, PhD, a psychotherapist and consultant to TV reality shows in Long Island, New York:

More men commit suicide over a lost relationship than women do. It’s harder for them, when they have formed an attachment, to leave on terms other than their own.

Below are 5 steps to mend a broken heart as shared by experts in the field. I strongly believe their applications would definitely help mend broken hearts.

Acknowledge you have a Broken Heart

Try accepting the fact you have a broken heart, and try as much as possible to know how things developed.

Be proud of your strength

Tell yourself, you’ve been on this one lonely street since break-up, death of loved one or whatever. You never diminish in strength nor kicked the bucket. Since, you’ve been able to tackle yesterday, definitely you can face tomorrow. Therefore, try improving your self-esteem.

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Plan for Future

According to positive psychology: the way through pain includes becoming your own architect and actively engaging and involving yourself in the planning of a new future. Instead of remaining on the floor and agonizing your Broken heart, try as much as possible to accept the fact that you can never get back the past, but can only set the present moment and the future to benefit you. Even, if it’s scary or hard, dare to be optimistic. Mingle with others, do exercise and make new friends.
Never mind how dangerous it is, challenge the future with a brave heart.

Draw A Margin

Set ablaze the bridge. What could be bringing back the ugly memories? The previous SMS, Emails or checking facebook updates? You have to find a way never to come across all these, if only you determined to end the silent torment. Why don’t you make a list today on your dos and don’ts.

Defriend him on facebook says cyber psychologist Dr Emma Short

You need to police your internet use. It’s not helpful to pursue someone like this, so delete him as a friend on Facebook, even if temporarily, so that you don’t waste time and mental energy imagining what your ex is doing and who he’s doing it with.

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Find Hope

What is past is now dead and gone; the past is the past, the present is now, and the future is what you have to prepare for. A new chapter of your life is now set to be read by others. So, jump into the water, catch the next wave and move on.

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