5 Things To Know About Depression

Recently, we were stunned by the death of comedian Robin Williams, a man that struggled with depression and the early stages of Parkinson’s disease.

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He voiced the hilarious Genie from “Aladdin” and captured the spirit of an inspiring English teacher in “Dead Poets Society”.

Beside Robin Williams, many well known celebrities have also passed through or away via depression – the reason for their being depressed remains hidden for many. Many of us so much wonder what in the world could make people that are generally assumed to be living a happy life, battle depression.

Depression is a disease that Money, fame, age and ethnicity cannot stop. Let’s take America for an instance, about 9.1 percent of the inhabitants lives with depression, based on a surveyed population.

The followings are the things you need to know about depression as gotten from Dr. Alan Schwartz, director of psychology for Christiana Care Health System, and Jim Lafferty, executive director of the Mental Health Association in Delaware and narrated at  delawareonline .

What is depression?

Depression is a mental illness that is characterized by significant changes in mood and emotion.

Causes depression.

According to Schwartz, there is a strong genetic influence, i.e. entire families can struggle with the disease.

Depression can also be caused by psycho-social stressors, like the death of a loved one or being let go from a job.

Medical conditions like Parkinson’s disease, can also trigger depression.

Signs of Depression

Whenever you start experiencing lack of interest in things that once brought you pleasure, just be aware that depression has set in. Then, this ushers one to the lack of energy, as well as changes in appetite, problems sleeping and withdrawn behavior.

Schwartz said, however, that the most overwhelming signs are persistent thoughts of death or dying – a feeling of hopelessness.

Can Depression be cured?


Then, How can it be treated?

Starting with Psychotherapy, which is also known as “talk” therapy can be used in treating a depressed fellow. This involves meeting with a health professional to discuss any changes in mood or feeling as well as ways to manage depression.

Subsets of Psychotherapy includes:

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Cognitive behavioral therapy; this type of therapy encompasses multiple, structured talk therapy sessions in which a psychiatrist or psychologist isolate the basis of anxiety and depression with targeted questions.

Schwartz said that mental health professionals also pursue interpersonal therapy, another subset of psychotherapy, as a way to help clients rebuild relationships in their lives. The therapy helps individuals cope with past and present difficulties in relationships.

Schwartz said psychotherapy with antidepressant medication is the most effective combination to treat depression.

Medication will help to reduce symptoms’ severity so that a person can begin open up about his personal history and emotions, Lafferty said.

Individuals living with depressions should also adhere to eating healthy foods and exercise.

The stuff you put in your body does affect how you feel,” Schwartz said.

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