5 Signs A Deceased Love One Is Nearby

You don’t have to be told, the pain that follows the death of a loved one. We’ve all at some time received this worst gift of life, which hitherto makes me thirsty of knowledge of paranormal things. Even though we are yet to come to terms on what happens afterlife i.e. when they are gone, there exist some occurrence and reasons to believe that deceased loved one does visit from time to time.

According to experts in the paranormal world, below are some signs proven as indications that deceased loved ones often try to contact the living after death:

Items go missing.

This sounds silly, but it’s real. It may seem to you that you’ve lost your mind when you misplaced your items, or you find them in a place totally different and odd from where you left them.

“I had this happen to me repeatedly until a psychic medium friend clued me in to what was really happening. A family friend who often visited me liked to play pranks on me, similar to the things she did in life. It made me feel much better knowing it was Betty and not the first signs of dementia,” reports Joni Mayhan, Best-selling Paranormal Author.


When we sleep, our subconscious minds are more open to the spirit world i.e. our vibrations rises to match the higher vibration of loved ones in spirit form. Thus making it very easy for spirits getting through to us. Dreams involving spirits are very hard to forget, because they have a realistic texture to them.

Signs at the Funeral.

While explaining how our spirits attends our own funeral, the legendary psychic medium James Van Praagh says they roam the room, trying to comfort their loved ones that everything is okay, with some signs that often go unseen. The signs might simply be a touch on the shoulder or a fond memory playing in their mind.

Unexpected Gifts.

Have you ever witnessed this?

“For me, one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received came to me on Mother’s Day in 2012. I was feeling especially down. My grown kids made a brief visit to see me, but had work obligations for the rest of the day, leaving me home by myself. Since my own mother was 10000 miles away in Indiana, I moped around the house all day. I walked outside to get some fresh air and discovered a baby squirrel sitting on my step. Orphaned and abandoned, he needed the one thing I needed to give: mothering. I bottle fed him and eventually released him back into the wild, never doubting this was a gift from a loved one,” Joni narrates.

You smell them.

Studies say scent has the strongest connection to memory recall, that could be the reason why deceased loved ones manifest their presence through the medium i.e. we are assured of their presence when we perceive the scent we always associated with them.

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It can be the smell of pipe tobacco or perfume, or even the odor of your favorite food being prepared. Appreciate it. It’s a message being sent directly to you from your deceased loved one, Joni Mayhan added.

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