5 Shocking Photos show the Real Costs of War

Trigger warning: The photos you are about to see are of wounded soldiers.

I take these pictures so that we can look; we can see what we’re not supposed to see. And we need to see them because we created them. — David Jay

David Jay, an Oakland fashion and beauty photographer, in 2011, began taking pictures of wounded soldiers that were left from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

According to him, the shocking photos of the wounded soldier reflect humanity; and wants us to see them as people and to think about their experiences and those of people in their lives.

Check the heartbreaking photos with touching captions by Jay:

War 2 AA
David Jay Photography

This is Jerral Hancock. He was driving a tank in Iraq. A roadside bomb pierced the armor, breaching the interior. We shot these pics at his home in Lancaster, California, where Jarral lives with his two beautiful children.

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