5 Secret Ways to Turn Women On

Turning her on isn’t just to let her know how much you wants her, rather, why she should want you. All you ever needed are some everyday rituals to simply pass subliminal messages to her and to trigger her sensory sex-starters – Ways to turn women on.

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A woman may only physically aroused but not mentally. Sharon Gilchrest O’Neill, a couples therapist in Mt. Kisco, New York, and author of A Short Guide to a Happy Marriage says, “To connect physically, they really need that emotional and mental connection.”

You may be handsome and have it all, but, that does not guarantee getting any woman in bed with you. Though, women are different from each other, yet, several studies claim, there are some certain needs (the perfect ways to turn women on) that women seem to be longing for.

So, what turns women on? According to female sexual psychology studies, the followings are some of what you need to consider:

Make good use of PDA moments

Create chances for Public Display of Affection, and never shy away from it.


Be Yourself

According to Patricia Klingler, a life coach in Bellevue, Washington:

My heart flutters when I see the man who doesn’t have to solve every problem and know every answer and is just enjoying the moment. The real turn-on is that he is completely oblivious to my stares, which makes the innocence even more attractive.”

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She stated that she loves to look at her husband when he isn’t paying attention.

Pleasure her, not only on sexual intercourse.

Women usually admire man that admits the fact that sexual intercourse is never the only way to give a female an orgasm.

Use the sentence “I’m Sorry” often

A simple apology when deserved expresses a deep kind of respect for the other person. Once you are with someone who is emotionally fair and considerate, I no longer care about dishes or who does what. And, for me, it’s a definite turn-on,” says Berit Brogaard, a philosophy and psychology professor at the University of Missouri, St. Louis.

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Make her feel Safe

Let her know she is an integral part of your existence, not a mere sex machine.

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