4 Ways You are being Brainwashed

Stockholm syndrome.

Another great example of brainwashing is Stockholm syndrome, which can be termed ‘brainwashing lite.’ According to Michael Haag, a social psychologist, this type of brainwashing proves that all brainwashing techniques shouldn’t necessarily be as dramatic as robot theory (the idea that people can be made into robots).

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3 Tactics Emotional Abusers Use

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Stockholm syndrome refers to the ability of powerful captors, to create in their victims a loyalty and identification that defies reason.

The syndrome occurs as hostages develop positive feelings toward their captors, but negative feelings toward the authorities; hostage-takers develop positive feelings toward their hostages; says Thomas Strentz, a professional anti-terrorism expert, and the author Psychological Aspects of Crisis Negotiation” and “Hostage/Crisis Negotiations.

A common example of Stockholm syndrome is domestic abuse, where it is common for victims to identify with their abusers; they may refuse to leave the abusive relationship, even when they are being repeatedly abused.

Studies say the presence of a perceived threat to one’s physical or psychological survival, and the passive inability to escape are some of the conditions that serve as a foundation for the development of Stockholm syndrome.

Intense Intelligence-dampening.

This is done by feeding people with constant, but small snippets of information on various subjects. This promotes short-term learning which forces the victim to have short memory, Alex Long, writer for Null Byte, explained.

Victims see the amount of information gathered to be too big, and completely overwhelmed with the answers given by the manipulators. This in-turn reduces their thirst for deeper study.

Chanting Slogans.

Politicians and religious leaders know fully well that chanting slogans/phrases would help shut down nagging thoughts in the minds of their subjects/crowd. You didn’t need an expert to tell you how chants and other thought-stopping techniques, that help calm the mind, work during meditation; manipulators are exploring all these to further win their victims.

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Popular Leaders With Narcissistic Personality Disorder

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Politicians eliminate alien ideas from their supporters through group repetition of mind-narrowing chants or phrases i.e. chanting ONE MORE TERM! ONE MORE TERM! ONE MORE TERM!.


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