4 Ways You are being Brainwashed

It’s disheartening to know that majority of us are still deliberately being unwittingly brainwashed in a myriad of ways by manipulators. It is also painful to agree that brainwashing is not going away. It seems that brainwashing techniques from the media, politicians, religion and others, stay with us, and are being used to get through us daily.

A brainwashed person is one who holds strong ideas that are completely resistant to common sense, experience and logic. And the brainwashing techniques are being employed to help turn people into robots, such that they will perform or behave in ways that are completely against their prior beliefs and values.

In media, advertisers spend several days to come up with ways to manipulate you to believe you are incomplete without a certain product; they make it seem to you that the message being conveyed is adequate representation of reality. Politicians also use thought-stopping technique, such as getting the people to chant repetitive slogan; to consistently repeat a message when they want to get their point across.

Brainwashed 3a

Followings are some other examples of brainwashing that happen in numerous ways, which almost everyone faces.

Controlling What You Watch and Read.

Today, one of the brainwashing techniques that work so fine, is to be restricted to a particular reading or viewing material. This happens on the internet just at it’s been seen in the open places. Members of some cults, especially, religion and political parties are being limited to type of information that would only pad them from any opposing points of view.

The subjects are being misinformed and their brain reprogrammed, to only go for things that are in accordance with their point of view, which was manipulatively imbibed into them. Studies had it that brain is wired to get a quick high from reading things that go well with one’s point of view, but dismisses information that disagrees no matter how well founded they appear.

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