4 Ways Parents Mentally Hurt Their Kids

Every parent makes mistakes, and some of these mistakes unknowingly screw up kids’ life. There are things that parents do that haunt their kids mentally in the future, setting up series of future battles between them and mental disorders. So many good intentions by the parents have been horribly going wrong for years i.e. giving prominence to the negative while it overshadows the positive.

When exposed to some environment, the worrisome habits of the parents could transform into severe mental disorder (anxiety, binge eating etc.) that terrorizes the child in future.

Until we break these old habits, we can never get rid of the cycle of misplaced parenting.

Helicopter Parenting.

You are undoubtedly harming your children, if you can’t let them make their own decision; hovering over them, while placing limits on whatever they do i.e. asking them not to get into fight.

Let them know how to take care of themselves and protect their rights.

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“Children won’t learn from their mistakes if parents do everything for them,” said Amandah Blackwell, speaker and children’s author.

Hiring a Tutor.

No doubt that kids need extra coach to succeed academically. Eva Glasrud, psychologist and popular life coach noted some psychological reasons your child shouldn’t have a tutor.

In her article “4 Reasons A Tutor is the WORST Thing,” Eva says hiring them a tutor kills their confidence.

That’s a major blow to their confidence, and could ultimately lead to “imposter syndrome,” a psychological phenomenon in which people are unable to internalize their accomplishments. Instead, they attribute their success to external factors, like their tutor.

Forcing kids to eat all of their food.

Amandah also raised the issue of the use of force to make kids empty all the food on their plate into their bowel.

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One of the reasons why children are overweight is that some parents force their kids to eat everything that is on their plate. I know this to be true because the parents of one of my nephew’s friends make their sons eat everything, even if they feel like they’re going to vomit. Gross!

To save them from future disorder or developing unhealthy relationship with food, do not force them to finish everything on their plate.

Limiting Kids’ Movement.

Popular among parents of these days, is the habit of controlling kids physical activity by not permitting them to do sports or rough games with their colleagues. But, only few have the knowledge of the harmful effects this behavior brings. It disrupts their growth mentally and physically.

Majority of the kids raised in this manner are always found of not taking risk, depriving them of the exact life lessons acquired by their colleagues.

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4 thoughts on “4 Ways Parents Mentally Hurt Their Kids”

  1. Good but painful article. I parented my kids in undiagnosed depression and the hardest thing I had to face in my own recovery was the impact I had on them due to my mood swings and inconsistencies. I wish I had known back then how the lack of a supportive parent could impact their health and well being. I wish I had understood sooner the impact of my own childhood.

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