4 Ways Music Affects the Mind

Music has lots of effects on the mind. Despite having a quick belief in it as an antidote to several unpleasant situations, music still works in so many ways we can’t easily explain – Ways Music Affects the Mind

Music works in magical ways; it captures both our thoughts and emotions. Those of us that are lover of music know its transforming power on our feelings.

Via an idea commonly used for stroke victims, and formally known as Kenny Rogers Effect; Gabrielle Giffords used the music therapy to help herself learn to talk again. i.e. Music is being employed to help  patients connect the stored knowledge of words through songs and to helps create the new connections needed for speech.

Music bring back your memories.

No doubt! Music(their favorite ones) is popularly used for rehabilitation of stroke patients, as it helps in restoring the damaged portion of the brain which is responsible for visual. According to a research, 60% of people who have stroke suffer visual neglect’. So, music is undoubtedly paramount in treating stroke patients.

In an old study, precisely in the 1990s; students were advised to listen to Mozart while studying, as it increases the likelihood of performing well on a test. Though, this has been disproved, but, nevertheless it works extensively in the restoration of cognitive function.

Music fights fatigue.

Ideal for the busy types with loads of works to clear. Music increases you mood while struggling with a boring work, and simultaneously helps with fighting fatigue, especially if you change up the music often. So, you don’t have to battle much with your brain, just put on a good pop song.

Music improves verbal IQ

From a 2008 study of 8 to 11-year-olds co-authored by Marie Forgeard, Ellen Winner, Andrea Norton and Gottfried Schlaug; it was found that those who had extra-curricular music classes developed higher verbal IQ, and visual abilities in comparison to those with no musical training

This explains the power and effects of learning an instrument as it aids in visual perception.

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Music Enhances your immune system

It’s never a crazy idea, now that science backs it up. If you are so stressed out and feeling ill, listening to soothing music might be the way out.

Dr. Ronny Enk concluded a successful research about music’s effect on the immune system, and suggests that:

We think the pleasant state that can be induced by music leads to special physiological changes which eventually lead to stress reduction or direct immune enhancement.” 


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