4 Ways To Manage Your Mood

Our moods have a great impact on our career and productivity. They have effects on hour behaviors, management and decision making. This article covers the various ways to manage your mood (i.e. list of moods). In other way – how to control your emotions .

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According to recent research published in positive psychology, studies confirm we can easily take control of our moods to feel better. Below are some tips to help free yourself from the consequences any mood might bring on you.

Be Optimistic

Create the habit of positive thinking and as well vision your own positive future, as you start a journal of your daily achievements.

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Know that you are not to be blamed for your mood

You never choose to be depressed, and you can’t just turn it off, except you know the factors that are responsible for it.

Discover the source of your Mood

Devote some time to identify the source of your mood.

What is usually responsible for my breaking down?

This is very paramount as it helps in determining each movement in your head. 

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Work out how you can avoid them.

Now that you’ve discovered the reasons for your mood. For instance –  a reaction to insults from others i.e. how friends or coworker shouted at you. And this always break you down.

Approach them, and let them know how you wants to be treated by them.

I need you to praise me when you think I’ve done right thing” and “to talk to me personally and gently whenever i do the wrong.

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