4 Suicide-Attempt Survivors Tell Their Stories

Suicide doesn’t come unnoticed; thus the necessity of checking on your loved ones if they display any of the signs written in my previous post on suicide. If you as well feels suicidal, please talk to someone today about it.

I’m glad to share with you this article with some notable Suicide-Attempt Survivors, they voiced out what went wrong, why they chose to end their lives and how they were saved.

Nicole Keimer

Suicide 4

Nicole discussed her plight and reason for opting for suicide after being bullied about her weight, which made her to develop multiple eating disorders.

‘How am I going to get to a place where I can stop thinking about food?’

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When you have a problem with food, you can’t just stop eating and cut food out of your life. So there was a time period where I thought, ‘I’m never going to get out of this. Every day is just going to be getting up and thinking about food.’ There was a time where I was literally spending 16 hours of my 24 hour day thinking about food: how I could cut calories, how I could just get down to as little as I could.

Once I started to feel like I was stuck in this for years, that’s when the suicidal thoughts started to happen. It was, ‘The only way to actually stop thinking about food is to kill myself because otherwise I’m going to have to think about food every single day.’

It was a comfort when I went to bed each night knowing, ‘Well, I could kill myself.

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