4 Signs of Male Insecurity in Relationships

Men with insecurity issues often reveal their self-doubts unconsciously, especially, when they feel their spouse aren’t doing enough to cherish their relationship. If you are wise enough, you can easily detect insecurity traits that might poison your relationship on the long run.

One of the reasons of emotional insecurity in males is the lack of self-confidence, sensing you are the least among men, and that you are not doing enough to satisfy your wife.

Brad Alexander, in his reasons why men display insecurity, said “When you understand the psychology behind a behavior, it helps you to analyze yourself.” The knowledge helps you work in a better way to change yourself.

Lack of self-confidence isn’t only the reason men feel insecure in relationships, some insecurities might be situational i.e. as a result of divorce or break-up.

“Insecurity can only be overcome when a person recognizes that they are insecure and takes responsibility for doing something about it,” said Joseph Nowinski, Ph.D., Psychology.

Note that, being insecure reduces the chance of survival of your relationship. Below are some signs that show a man may be insecure, once you understand them, you can easily turn your attention toward and overcome them.


An insecure man always finds opportunity to put you down i.e. criticizing the way you spend your time and with whom. Due to how concerned they are about their shortcomings, insecure men would never be impressed even by your dressing, but belittle you.

According to Michelle Castillo of CBSNews, An insecure man cannot see himself as being worthy of your love and commitment, so he becomes obsessed with fear that you will eventually betray him or abandon him.

Inserts himself everywhere

An insecure man feels bad when you are happy around other people i.e. he feels unsafe when you are enjoying your conversation with others. He’s bent on making himself available wherever you are.

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“He might interject when you’re on the phone, grab your phone or keyboard when you’re chatting online or physically show up when you’re having a discussion at a work event,” shared Adriana of badgirlsbible.


He makes known his distrust toward other people, and talks about himself as unlovable and unworthy.

According to Joseph Nowinski’s article “Is It Love, Or Is It Insecurity?, an insecure man refers to himself as a loser and a failure, while doubting the reliability of other people.

Constantly in need of Assurance

He digs for complements all the time by wanting you to constantly shower praises on him for having him, especially, the way he dresses, cooks and speaks. By doing so, he gets some assurance that he’s worthy enough to be a man, even though he never for once believed.

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