4 Most Famous Witches in History

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Witches, coined from the word “wicca,” meaning “the wise one” have been seen as objects of wisdom and evil. It has been them and the World for thousands of years, haunting the ages while facing tremendous persecutions from those having different views and those that alleged they do the Devil’s work.

The witch haunt began during the 13th century AD after people unanimously agreed that they were Demonic. Thousands of souls, comprising the dangerous and innocent ones were executed, as a product of the myths.

To let you know what really happened during their early era, I’ve compiled short details from reputable sources of famous witches in history you probably never heard about.

Maret Jonsdoter

Witch 1

Famous in the 17th Century in Sweden, Maret gained popularity when she rode a man to Blockula, where she frequently attended witches’ Sabbaths. Her sister once claimed that they often have intercourse with the devil after every Sabbaths.

Maret was unlucky during the great witch haunt that swept Sweden between 1668 and 1676. She was sentenced to death by decapitation before being burned at the stake.

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