4 Hobbies That Can Make You Smarter

People have been holding on the popular misconception that the given level of intelligence can’t be increased. It was believed that our level of smartness is determined during birth, and misconceptions had it that we only need to live up to our potential.

Research has shown that our brain is like muscle, and that certain activities can actually help sharpen our intellect. For most of us that enjoy taking on new skills, we are not only enjoying our leisure activities but indirectly boosting our brainpower.

There are so many hobbies we can adopt and develop to be integral part of our lives. Hobbies are things we can afford, turning out to be more than just a way to have fun, and having so many myriads of benefits. Studies have it that hobbies help expand our neuroplasticity and also proven way to spur our smarts.

Work is never enough to prevent emotional burnout. We all need to disrupt our routine with hobbies that contribute to our mental wellbeing, such as the following activities that are backed up by scientific studies.

Playing Musical Instrument.

Playing a musical instrument is a fun process that incites your right hemisphere of brain; it strengthens the corpus callosum that links the hemispheres of the brain.

Listening to music helps engage and activates multiple areas of your brain. But, the benefits is greater when you actually play an instrument, that becomes a full mental training. It helps in creativity, language, analytical and fine motor skills.

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