4 Major Habits Of The Self-Destructive Person

People with self destructive personality, consciously and subconsciously  harm themselves with some rotten choices.

One with self destructive behavior does not give a damn thought on what consequences is. Neither does he learns from mistake.

Majority of us have been caught up in the entanglement of self destructive behaviors, we do them knowing fully well the consequences. Examples of self destructive behaviors can be seen among women who actually acknowledge their fiance to be the abusive type, but marry him regardless; those who know that smokers are liable to die young, but find pleasure in smoking; husbands who ruin their marriage by cheating on their wives; pushing away those they love with the thought of maintaining a comfort zone etc.

We become responsible the day we start learning from our mistake, and decide never to make them again.

What could possibly motivate a person to act in ways that are very likely to lead to self-destruction inspired me to research and write on the self destructive behavior signs, that we often train ourselves to overlook.

As earlier explained, most of us self-loath, but getting out of the web is a big choice only the strong can handle.

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One of the reasons why people tend to be self-destructive is the fear of failure.

[blockquote align=”none” author=” Jay Pope Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, licensed psychologist in California”]People who are afraid of the truth or of knowing their limits may intentionally not try hard in order to provide themselves with an excuse (“I didn’t give it my best” or “I screwed up”) if they fail.[/blockquote]

A step toward getting out of this mess is getting a better reason to acknowledge the fact that you are a self destructive person.

Self Destructive Behavior Signs.

Turns down Others’ offer to help

One with Self destructive behavior sees everything wrong with needing help in life, thereby resorting to enjoy the honor in suffering alone. Self-saboteurs value their pride and ignorance than any help.

Unnecessary Self-sacrifice

Mateo Sol wrote about people who are so in love with their misery i.e. they are so afraid of loosing it because it helps them command attentions.

[blockquote align=”none” author=”Aletheia Luna”]Unnecessary self-sacrifice is a good way of making one feel “noble” and “altruistic” while masking the actual act of self-sabotage: giving up on hopes, dreams and passions that make one truly happy.”[/blockquote]

Social suicide.

Through numerous antisocial behaviors, a self-destructive person deliberately alienate herself from peers.

Dating people that hurt, hurting people that love.

Self-destructive people are always found of having bad relationships i.e. they choose the man who is abusive and the lady who won’t value relationship.

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In addition, One with self destructive behavior does not value real love.

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