4 Footballers with Mental Health Issues

Studies say footballers are prone to late-life mental health problems, because the psychological demands of every professional sports person are huge. Increased risk of developing mental illness stems from stress to give optimum performance and the pressure to impress the populace, according to a study by Lynette Hughes and Gerard Leavey at the Northern Ireland Association of Mental Health in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

‘Ultimately, professional sportspeople are a business asset that belong to somebody who has invested money in them and they need a return’ Gabriele Fantelli, uncovered magazine’s chef and nutrition expert tells MentalHealthy.

David Beckham

David Beckham

In 2006, Beckham open up about his OCDs. He told DailyMail how the condition led him to counting of clothes and arranging magazines in symmetrical patterns. According to him, the main reason for being tattooed is his addiction to the pains of needles. He says he’s tried various treatments, but his biggest success is learning to live with his disease.

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