4 Famous Celebrities who battled Bulimia

People with bulimia have a fear of gaining weight, thus making use of different ways, such as vomiting and purging to prevent it. The eating disorder is not limited only to the underweight, but also found among the obese (overweight) who resolve to the use of purging to prevent additional weight gain.

Bulimia is no respecter of anybody, it is one of the psychiatric problems affecting everyone from the rich to the poor; even the most beautiful and powerful celebrities are not immune to this life-threatening illness.

“Bulimia. Anyone knows what that is? It’s when you consistently hate what you look like, and compulsively induce vomiting, throw up all the food you eat, accompanied by extreme feelings of guilt, depression, anxiety and palpitations. After that you binge eat of course and the whole cycle continues for a long time. It takes a lot out of you. There’s basically no energy or zest for life left,” revealled Richa Chadha, 29-year-old Bollywood actress.

Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga

She talks about her struggle with bulimia and anorexia since the age of 15. Via her Foundation, Lady Gaga has been creating eating disorders awareness, and connects others to resources that helps their body image.

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