3 Ways to spot an Emotional Manipulator

Emotional manipulator renders our defenses powerless by getting hold of our  self-worth. We all crave for healthy relationship which is based on respect with one another, but, what happens when people in our lives wear down our self-confidence even in our own perception?

Subtlety, emotional manipulators make you to commit your sense of self-worth into their hands. The longer you allow it, the more power the manipulators gain over you, until they lower the positive power in you.

Note that, you have the right of freewill; thus the need to know how to spot emotional manipulator.

Below are some of what you need to know to defend yourself:

Diminishes your problems

Emotional manipulators never care to know the magnitude of your problem: They  never for once take time to talk about your plight, but always make theirs worthy of discussion.

Whenever you try to make a manipulator show concern on you, he quickly maneuvers you by turning the table against you in such a way that you would look at yourself as the selfish one.

“I’m really sad i lost my Ipad today”

Emotional manipulator replies: “Just be thankful you had an ipad. What about me that never had” If you are not smart enough, the reply could make you look selfish, and affects your self-worth.

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Lower the positive energy of others

If an emotional manipulator is feeling sad, he or she will negatively affect others around him i.e. making others feel the same. Everyone affects everyone else, as postulated by the interconnected nature of human consciousness i.e. emotional manipulator transfers his or her low level of consciousness to others.

Emotional manipulators can suck the positive energy of others around them while trying to let others feel their mood. For instance, when an emotional manipulator with sad mood enters a room filled up with happy people; the occupants in the room could feel exhausted while trying to make him or her positive.

Disguises as a willing helper

Emotional manipulators always make themselves ready to help others i.e. if you are thirsty for help, manipulators will be willing to help you even when you never asked for it, just in a bid to deflect their hidden motives.

But problem starts if you can just say ‘thanks’ or accept their offer to help. They then make some non-verbal signs to let you know they never wanted to help but to make it obvious you needed their help. So, if you make it known to them that it seems they never wanted to offer help initially; they now turn the table over you and make it seem you are being unreasonable and that you are now the cause of them cutting off the offer.

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  1. I don’t know why an emotional manipulator is described as he. Women can do this as well. I’m a feminist who has been abused by men, but there is no reason to assume that all abusers are male because they aren’t.

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