3 Signs You’re An Old Soul

You are part of those regarded as Old Souls when you feel older than what your age reflects i.e. your views and approach to issues of life look as if they all belong to someone more matured than you. It’s natural to experience some feelings older than you are,

seeming to you as gifts. But at times, people around you have to make you believe that your ways of reasoning depict that of a reincarnated person.

Being old in mind, old in heart and old in soul; make you approach life with a greater sense of knowledge and wisdom. Other than yours, you might have witnessed this in another person’s life. However, if you have problem discovering yourself as an old soul, this article will help you in defining yourself and others.

Feels Isolated from the World.

You recognize there’s a way you think about things of life that is quiet different from how others do.

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We read articles and debates about everything from whether or not to shave our armpits to how to get our shit together while not ruining our lives in the process and we just find ourselves slowly shaking our heads to all of it. It’s not that we can’t relate to society right now, it’s just that…well, we can’t relate. We feel oddly misplaced within our own culture, explains Marie Cyprien, Brooklyn writer.

Aren’t materialistic.

You don’t value or base your joy on having expensive materials. Old souls see no reason craving for wealth and other items that do not last forever.

Having a Philosophical Outlook on Life

You approach seems different, when faced with a challenge that makes others wail. You see every problems as a must, and an opportunity for you to learn new things i.e. beyond other people’s thoughts, you see the world on a larger scale.

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When confronted with issues, old souls tend to see them as temporary and passing pains that merely serve to increase the amount of joy felt in the future, says 

Aletheia Luna: “Old Souls: The Sages and Mystics of Our World”

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