3 Beliefs That Prevent You From Finding Love

One of the few things in life so strongly tied to our overall happiness is finding love i.e securing a lasting healthy intimacy. Inability to finding love isn’t just the product of misusing one’s head or mind, but could be as a result of certain relationship myths and unfounded perception of love we hold onto.

Believing common love myths might make you assume you’re unlucky, and decides never to bother yourself in finding love again. It’s absolutely possible to find true love, only if you can examine yourself and bid farewell to some love myths you’re currently nurturing.

While giving advice on psychology of relationship, Ty Tashiro, PhD emphasized on the need for using psychological science in finding love:

“But I do think that people can probably benefit from using their head just a little bit more when it comes to really one of the most important decisions they’ll make, which is who they choose to be with for the rest of their life,” said psychologist Tashiro, the author of ‘The Science of Happily Ever After.’

According to the relationship and family therapist Terri Orbuch, Ph.D, working on one’s beliefs, emotions, behaviors and sense of self helps in finding love again.

“There is a method to the love madness, said Orbuch. Forget everything you know about relationships.” Because you might be holding onto some relationship myths.

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Examine the myths below and instantly ward them off your mind.

Love will happen naturally

What if your territory doesn’t have any suitable person? Won’t you now settle for less? But, what about the joy that follows seeing what you desired?

The certainty of having a long lasting happy relationship in your enclave with whoever that beckons is not always guaranteed. Not until you take control of your life and seek for the person with qualities you desired, love will never happen. Because, there’s no evidence yet to suggest that fate plays a role in finding your ideal mate.


All the good ones are already taken.

Many, but not all the good men and women are taken. Be more active, and don’t hide yourself, because there are plenty of good people probably hiding, still looking for someone like you.

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“Well, it’s hard to argue with fate. You never know what the evidence is against it, I guess. But I think there’s probably more than one person for people,” said Tashiro, while answering question on the myth‘one perfect person for everyone.’

Playing hard to get is the way to a man or woman’s heart

Playing hard to get is a losing strategy you never knew could be doing more harm to you. In reality, this act scares and discourages genuine men by making them to think you are not interested.

When you make men pass through the tunnel via your numerous rules for the privilege of getting to know you, you indirectly chase the dominant and desirable ones away. It’s only the lesser ones you never desired or men with hidden agenda that would do anything to win your favour, but disappears quickly if reward is not awarded early.

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