2 Fascinating Findings about the Brains of Criminals

You may be right, if you claim criminals are just like the rest of us. But, what about the popular stereotypes that say criminals can be identified via body types and facial expressions?

Now in a truthful perspective, can one easily judge a book by its cover? Or, how quick can you deduce who is altruistic or egoistic by mere look? Things that bring us closer to the criminal minds are the interesting studies ever done on the brains of criminals, the studies show that there are some inseparable and unique things existing on the inside of those who commit criminal acts.

The Criminal’s “seat of emotion” is deformed.

In a study explaining the the lack of empathy and remorse in Psychopaths, deformations was found in a part of the brain called the amygdala; a portion popularly referred to as “the seat of emotion”

“You’re four times more likely to find a psychopath at the top of the corporate ladder than you are walking around in the janitor’s office,” said psychologist Robert Hare.

Research gathered that those with psychopathic tendencies always find this useful, as they freely manipulate others.

Low level of activity in certain and crucial portions of criminal brains.

A recent study conducted on brains of people with antisocial personality disorder (no regard for right and wrong) shows an 18% reduction in volume of their middle frontal gyrus.

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Characteristics of Narcissistic Mothers

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Another brain scan done on psychopaths shows that the orbital cortex (certain region of the brain responsible for the regulation of emotion and impulses) record low level of activity.


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