13 Signs of a Disengaged Employee

Engagement of every member of a company’s employees must be prioritized to ensure the company’s growth. Disengagement of any of the employee must be adequately checked by the company’s management to ensure the success of their business, because whenever a threat to a good company’s culture sets in, other team members can easily be affected.

“Disengaged employees are people who don’t care for their company and have no intention of helping it grow; so they can be quite harmful if they’re within your office,” according to officevibe’s report on the personality traits of a disengaged employee.

Can you pick out which employees have no intention of helping your company grow? The following signs will help you in understanding the disengaged employee:


Disengaged employees constantly get dissatisfied with their current position. It’s tough to manage this kind of employee. But it’s up to the management to either seek for their engagement or get rid of such person.

Make Excuses

Those employees that have no dream for your company will never take responsibility for any of their shortcomings.

Lack Enthusiasm

Any task given to a disengaged employee is seen as another struggle or punishment.

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