12 Unusual Phobias

This piece covers the breakdown of majority of the unusual phobias we have: the most bizarre phobia ever seen to affect people in real life.

We are humans, so, it’s normal to show fear in certain times or places. But, your fear becomes irrational and a disorder when it takes total charge of your thinking and makes you unable to do your normal activities. Those with phobic disorder suffer to the extent of avoiding getting in contact with the object of their fear.

Here is a list of weird phobias discovered to have affected people:


You may want to stay away from people with this condition. Those with Allodoxaphobia are always afraid of other people’s opinions.


For about the last five years, I have been afraid of sleeping. I usually end up getting about three hours a night if I am lucky. I have a ton of reoccurring nightmares, and it makes it difficult to go to sleep knowing that every night I will more than likely revisit one of them. – a reddit user.


Fear of talking to people on phone.

I refuse to answer phone calls from numbers I don’t know (and even some I do). It usually stems from negative expectations of what the other person is going to say, ” says quora user.


This is the fear of anything resembling erect penises. Sufferers are often terrified by the appearance of dildos, or movie relating to it.


It’s a fear of spider web. Sufferers may even admire the appearance of spider, but get terrified when they come across its web.


The term pogonophobia has been used since the 1850s to describe a strong fear of beards.


People with this disorder often get freak out with the appearance of large objects.

“I really hate construction cranes especially, and hot air balloons totally freak me out, explains another reddit user.


This is the fear of bee. Most people think this is funny, but, sufferers can’t just bear it.

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I have crashed my car once because I thought there was a bee in it. When I am around bees I well up in terrifying fear and can’t control my body movement. It’s like my brain is hijacked.


Sufferers are not comfortable being in the crowds or places where it’s unacceptable to move around, or being confined in a position for long.

I’m scared of having any part of my body held still, explains a sufferer. So even holding hands. Makes me have a panic attack. This phobia causes me to not really enjoy sex either.


So, those who’d never felt good attending classes are suffering from Didaskaleinophobia: referring to the fear of going to school.

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This term refers to the fear of long words.


This is used on people who are afraid of defecation, this may lead to other health problems.

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