Which of the following Phobias Do you Have?

Phobias are irrational, intense, persistent fear of certain situations, activities, things, or persons. And this article is solely on the breakdown of majority of the phobic disorders that interfere with our everyday life. Phobias are classified as disorders because, they can mar us psychologically.

Phobia is an irrational fear; your fear becomes irrational when it keeps you from enjoying life to the fullness, by taking total charge of your thinking and making you unable to do your normal activities. People suffering form phobic disorder will do whatever they could, according to their might, to avoid getting in contact with the object of their fear.

Yet, another notable thing about phobia is that, people generally develop phobias for objects they cannot predict or control (Mineka, 1985; Mineka, Cook, & Miller, 1984) i.e. it takes us by surprise. Such as lightning and electric.

Followings are common phobias with short descriptions:

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    Hi Moses, I think you have good knowledge on Psycology. Here you discussed a good info. Phobias are one kind of deseases which can be control or cured by developing confidence levels.


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