6 Mind Blowing Stories of People with Gifted IQ

There may be more incidents, but these are the products of my recent research on people with gifted IQ; the stories cover a bit of their early life and their road to securing world’s attention.

While discussing ‘being Gifted,’ Psychologist David Palmer said “giftedness is the result of both environmental and genetic factors;” and that the gifted people were born with a sufficient amount of neural connections which enable them to form efficient connections through an enriched environment.

This applies to majority of the gifted people we have.

Katherine Johnson- NASA Computer


A Genius who NASA said “was a Computer When Computers Wore Skirts.” The physicist was very invaluable to NASA during the beginning of the Space Race.

By hand, Katherine did accurately calculated the trajectory of several space missions. Reports say NASA always had her check computer figures for final vetting.

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